About Hedvig

Hedvig Murray Life Coach

I took the "scenic route" to become a life coach.  This included:

  • designing community gardens in London
  • teaching people to grow food in Brighton
  • working on organic farms in Italy

I realised all these jobs were about helping people to re-design their life and supporting them to make it happen.  So I decided to focus on that.

I've been coaching since 2012, and I love it!

I've worked with some pretty inspiring people who have radically changed their lives... like going from working in TV in London to leading wilderness treks in Finland.

My approach to Coaching

Taking the scenic route greatly informs my approach to coaching. 

My approach:

  • is founded on the idea of 'educare'- to bring out what is already inside
  • is inspired by a lifelong (even if it took me a while to recognise it) love of design
  • is informed by processes and tools used in sustainable design
  • references growing and seasons after 8 years spent training people to grow food
  • is inspired by menstrual cycle awareness and the 4 hormonal phases, or inner seasons as I refer to them as, bleeding women go through every month
  • has a little Italian thrown in... it helps balance out my northern European ways. 
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