Reviewing 2017 by Abi

Yesterday I posted my 5 step process for reviewing 2017.  

And today I'm sharing the responses and reflections of using the process sent in by one of my clients, Abi.  She was my first client, and we have been working together every since.  She works a nutritional therapist among other things.  


Here is a summary of Abi's year review with some pictures…



Lowlights of this year…

A few patches where paid work was not coming in as fast as costs were!

Often feeling quite chaotic and disorganised, chasing my tail

Highlights of this year…

More fully stepping into life as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, completing half of my certification process

Cooking delicious colourful food at Earth Heart for Women’s Initiation

Cooking delicious colourful food at Earth Heart for Women’s Initiation

Increase in collaborative and creative work

Training with the Menstrual Medicine Circle to deepen what I can offer in menstrual work

Continuing the healing healthcare circle to support the supporters


Lowlights of this year… 

Not prioritising play over work quite often

My attitude towards play could shift- sometimes considering it frivolous and not time well spent or feeling guilty 

Highlights of this year…

Some of the collaborative work has felt playful, fun and like work so I have learnt they don’t have to be distinct all the time

Holiday in Cyprus - naked snorkelling, building shelters on the beach, exploring wild seas

Swimming with friends into the winter just to be silly 



Lowlights of this year…

Sharing the pain of baby loss within our relationship

Bobs the furry best friend through tough times 

Bobs the furry best friend through tough times 


Getting to grips with money and personal power

Highlights of this year…

Travel adventures to Scotland, America and Cyprus together

Scottish rainbow in Kirtomy March 

Scottish rainbow in Kirtomy March 

Time spent in couples circle for reflections and relationship expansion

Starting the Grove women’s circle

Setting up the Yurt for the first grove circle

Setting up the Yurt for the first grove circle

Widening the circle of amazing women bringing the menstrual work

Maintaining friendships with people in far away places



Lowlights of this year…

Miscarriage - January 

Extreme fatigue and burnout in September/October 

Starting low oxalate diet - December 

Highlights of this year…

Physical recovery from miscarriage very smooth - January/February 

Beginning daily Hiit training and really enjoying feeling strong -March 

Learning and understanding more about my genetics -July 

Getting to the root cause of fatigue and other symptoms - November/December



I really enjoyed starting with looking at photos, it felt like a really natural way to connect to different ways I have felt through the year and getting an overview of the highs and lows was helpful for me. Most memories of the last 12 months have been slightly overshadowed by my long awaited surprise pregnancy and then my tragic miscarriage, so it was good to notice all of the other sweet and magical moments in 2017!

Here are some pictures to illustrate a few of these moments.

I also really enjoyed having a look at the different elements of my life and notice where I was giving different amounts of attention, the difference to life overall when these areas were in balance. this was also a process I enjoyed when working with Hedvig as a client.

Taking an overview of all of these, I can see how the highlights mostly outweigh the lowlights! 


Thank you so much Abi for sharing your year with us.  Here's to more highlights in 2018!


Posted on December 19, 2017 .