What shall I do with my life?

What shall I do with my life?

Who goes to life coaching?  One group are people in transition and asking themselves the big life questions 'what shall I do with my life? 

'In transition' could be someone who has had a baby, or considering changing career, maybe moving, or it could be a life change like a break up or divorce.  

At this point, it's important to be really clear that Life Coaching is not therapy.  It doesn't focus on your past.  It focus on your future.  My friend asked me if Life Coaching is for people who going through trauma, and the answer is no.  Coaching can bring up things from the past, if so it's important to get the necessary support to help process this effectively.  

Life Coaching is about exploring what your life is like now, what you want your future to be like and how to get there.  

One of the challenges for people asking themselves 'what shall I do with my life?' is they don't know what they want their future to look like.  They don't have that one idea they are super passionate about (most people don't).  But they feel like they should, and they should also make up their minds, and they should set their goals and get on with it.  Like it's a race. 

Life Design, as a type of Life Coaching, is a bit different.  It applies a process called Design Thinking to intentionally creating a life that you find meaningful, fulfilling and enjoyable.

I'll run through some of the steps

1. Empathise

How are things going?  What is going well?  What isn't going well? 

2. Define

What do you want to change about your life? The clearer and more specific the better.  

3. Ideate

Allow yourself to come up with lots of ideas for how you could change your life.  The more the better. What are the crazy ideas?  And the sensible ones?  The ones you could do if money was no issue?  Or if success was guaranteed?  What are the different 5 year plans for your life?   What do you want to know more about?  

4. Prototype

Pick a few that spark your interest and get curiosity.  Reach out to people, go get experience.  The point here isn't to progress towards your goal, but to keep reflecting.  While no life is ever perfect, will this change bring you fulfilment, meaning and joy?  It's absolutely ok to make mistakes, in fact it's an essential part of the prototyping process. 

5. Test

After trying out enough things, you'll figure out how you want to make a change in your life. Then break it down into manageable chunks, and get get to it.  

I love the Life Design approach to answering 'what shall I do with my life?' because it is much more creative, and fun.  It takes of pressure of there being this one thing that we should do with our lives, and opens us up the of the possibilities that there are lots of great lives that we could live.  So we don't have to choose the best (because we can't really know if it is the best) but we make a well informed decision and make the best of it. 

So, are you up for exploring what are the different things that you could do with your life?  

Posted on April 26, 2017 .