I've got an idea, how do I make it happen?

Last Sunday a friend asked me 'who goes to a life coach? Are they people who've gone through a trauma?'

That got me thinking about some of the different groups of people that come to a life coach (and no, it's not people going through a trauma... unless the coach is also a trained therapist specialising in trauma).  

One group is people wondering what to do with their life.  Another is people who have an idea.  An idea that they are super excited about and they really want to make happen.

 But then they get stuck, lost and lose motivation.   And then they feel ... well... like shit.  

And going from that high to that low is really tricky, and especially when the idea is really important to you.  

A life coach can help by being part strategist, part motivator and part ass-kicker. 

As a life coach, I listen to my clients and then we work out next steps and deadlines.  It's amazing how effective it is if you say to someone else that you are going to get something done by a certain date.  

People finish a session having much more clarity, and feeling much more motivated.  

For example, I have been working with a web designer.  And of course, which website was the one that she never got around to doing?  Her own.  Through working together, not only has she made lots of progress on her own site, and more than she had done alone (we are still working together so it isn't done yet) she has also come up with ideas for how to help her clients better.  

Doing a project for yourself is what I find the most difficult, it always comes last. And if it's to showcase your own work even worse! It's so great to have you on one hand to bounce ideas and get feedback, but also your input challenges me and makes me see my own work in a very different light. Which is great! I'm more able to appreciate my strengths, what I've got to offer and I feel more enthusiastic to move on with it. And of course, the accountability! Nothing like an external deadline :) 

Another example, I'm helping someone who wanted to set up a business.  When we first met, she had lots and lots of ideas, and was feeling overwhelmed and wasn't sure where to start.  

‘Working with Hedvig is beyond helpful! Hedvig is a magician when it comes to untangling the jargon of ideas that came from me.  My ideas were tangled and many.  Hedvig has the ability to untangle them and make them tidy clear bullet points with actions and deadlines to help motivate me!  She is no nonsense and a real ‘do-er’.  Just what I needed with all of the ideas in my head, having trouble seeing them clearly.  Things are getting done now!’ 

What ideas do you have that you'd really love to make happen?  

Posted on April 27, 2017 .