Arrrgghhh! I need help to prioritise and focus

A friend asked me 'who goes to a life coach?'.  I thought, if he wasn't sure, maybe there are other people who are also not sure.  

Of the people who have come to me, I feel like they fit into three groups.  Here's what they are typically thinking:  

1. What shall I do with my life?  

You are going through a transition and you want help to figure out some options and make some decisions. Read more here 

2. I have an idea.  How do I make it happen?  

You have an idea for something that is really important to you, but then get stuck along the way.  You don't want to give up on the idea, so you're looking for help to get unstuck and to identify next steps to make progress again. Read more here 

3. Arrgggh! I need help to prioritise and focus

It's this group that we'll look at today. 







You're busy.  Busy to the point of being overwhelmed.  You have lots on their to-do list, but you have this feeling that you aren't doing the right stuff.  There are things that are important to you that never seem to happen.  

When you are in this place, it is super hard to step back and make sense of things.  You know that something needs to change but you're not sure how.  

As a coach, I can I help by listening to how things are going, and then we work what is important to you, and then we get down to it.  We start planning with your prioritises in mind.  We create a schedule for the next week or month, and with clear actions to get on with on different days.  

After the session I'll checkin with you re how you are getting on: what is going well and what is challenging.  Most of the time people feel like they haven't done very much, but then look over their list and realise they had done loads.  I think it is really important to celebrate your progress, even the small steps.  I know this can be hard to do, but it's so important to keeping motivated.  People are often so hard on themselves, and I don't think it actually helps.

One person I worked was busy.  She worked a lot.  She wanted to identify her prioritises for that month in different areas of her life. We did that, then broke it down into specific actions to do.  Then we worked out when she would do those things.  She wrote these actions into her schedule in different colours (so she could easily see how balanced her week was).  In the end she created schedule for the month that really worked for her. She was so happy with it she sent a photo of it to me the next day! 

I love my schedule with the printed weeks stapled together and the colours - I have maintained it and started on the month now too. Feels joyful and colourful and practical! Great to notice what colours dominate and how could I get in what's missing 

One thing she wanted was to start with a new exercise routine with .  We scheduled it in and this is what she said about it...

Got into great routine .... Happy to have found something sustainable and I'm really enjoying it

One thing I love about working with a coach, is coming up with solutions that are really tailored to each person.  For her, a paper schedule with colours really works, and with someone else it is an online calendar.  

So, what are you feeling overwhelmed by?  In which area of your life would you love to have more focus?

If you want to see if we could work together, the first step is a chat.  It's free, lasts about 30-40 minutes and it's online.  We'll chat about what you are looking for, what I am offering and if we both feel we'd like to work together.  Simple.  You can book here.  

Posted on April 28, 2017 .