How to design your dream life.

Okay, I want you to imagine that you are here.  It's warm, there's a light breeze and a refreshing drink by your side.  

Now I want you to imagine your dream life.  Go on, take a few minutes. 



So, how easy did you find that? 


Years ago I supported a life coaching course, and I realised the participants fitted into two categories.  I thought of them as Dreamers and Diggers.  


could come up with a clear dream, but found it challenging to work out how to make it happen.  


could work out how to make something happen, but found it challenging to come up with that initial idea.  

Which one are you?


I'm definitely a digger.  I used to really struggle to dream.  I would beat myself up about not being visionary/ambitious enough. In those rare moments when my dream suddenly became clear, I Immediately I got to work to make it happen and didn't really stop until I had created my dream. 

Those dreams changed the course of my life, and I found it super fulfilling to make them happen. 

However, I also found out that one of the downside of chasing dreams was that the reality wasn't really what I imagined it would be.    

So while I think dreams are of some use, this week I'll share some different ideas that I find much more useful when designing my life.  

1. Your one dream life vs your many possible great lives.

Let's be honest.  Life is never going to be perfect.  It's never going to be one big dream.  We can sometimes wish it was, and while challenges and failures aren't always fun, they are an inherent part of growth, and I don't believe life would be great without growth.  

I also don't think doing one thing for the rest of my life is a great life.  Instead I believe there are lots of different things that I could do that I'd find really fulfilling.  When I'm going through a transition or I'm feeling stuck about what to do next, instead of trying to think up or pick one thing, I allow myself the space to have lots of ideas and I remind myself that there are many possible great lives I could live.

So, if you're a digger and struggled coming up with your dream life, let's try this instead: what are some of the (many) things that you could do that you'd think would be great?  

Posted on May 2, 2017 .