What do you do better than anyone else?

Today a degree doesn't automatically make you marketable.  No, the new question is not what you know but Who knows what you know?  Who knows that you do what you do better than anyone else?  Who has heard your unique point of view?  

Quotation from 'Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World' by J. Kelly Hoey.  Their italics.  

I read this and furiously started scribbling in my book (yes, I'm a note scribbler) 'Why 'better than anyone else'?  How can you know you do something better than ANYONE else?  Why not 'who knows that you do what you do really well'?'  I could have gone on about how do you know your point of view is unique etc.  

Why did it get me going?  Well, to state you are better than anyone else requires that you know what everyone else in your field does and that you have then analysed it and proven you do it better than them.  But how often can we actually know that?  And is it really worth it? My answers: rarely, and I don't think so. (The other explanation is that it is just short hand... in which case I think it's a bit sloppy).

On the other hand, I think it's super valuable to recognise your experience, skills, strengths, and  interests. 

But if you are anything like my clients (and me at times) that may be something you do worse than anyone else.  I get it- it's super hard to do by yourself on yourself.  Especially if you are up against and deadline and doing something like writing a CV, application or copy for a website.  

But it can be really easy and obvious to other people.  Here's what one of my clients said after her first session:

'I have recently been in a situation which has eroded my self-confidence and self-worth. Hedvig  helped me to see my skills, knowledge and experience.  The session was so helpful to me and I came out of it with a much greater sense of self-worth- thank you so much!'

So how about next time you're wondering about what you do really well, go and chat about it with someone else.

Posted on June 21, 2017 .