Grow With Your Seasons

You're tracking your cycle, and starting to feel the benefits of working with your seasons.  

You have ideas for a personal project, you want to make it happen, but you are struggling..

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Your Personal Project

Personal projects are like little seeds- precious, full of potential and yet they are also fragile.

When you first get the idea for the project, you feel super excited and motivated.  You can't imagine anything getting in your way.

But then comes the fear, the doubt, you get busy and somehow... the idea gets left to one side.    

And you're left feeling pretty awful, beating yourself up, wondering if you can actually make it happen... 

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How to make your personal project happen? 

I believe you can do it.  You know that working with your seasons can make a difference.  

But making a personal happen it can be really hard to do alone. You might just need a little support, and accountability to someone other than yourself.  

A coach can provide that to help.  They can help you get unstuck, encourage you to take the next step, and cheer you on.  It can be the difference between a personal project happening or not because.  

I’ve seen this happen many times.

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Grow With Your Seasons 

How about having time every season when someone listens to you (and only you) and helps you unpick whatever is going on, and by the end the call you have a list of clear next steps (and deadlines) that are tailored to your seasons, and your present circumstances?

Grow with Your Seasons aims to do just that.  

It's a package of 4 x 1 hour calls on Skype.   

After each call, you'll get a recording of the call and the notes with your action plan for that season.  Plus, I'll check-in with how you are getting on between sessions.  

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