So you want to change your life, and Life Design sounds interesting.  Great!

I know that Designing Your Life may sound daunting, especially if you aren't feeling particularly creative, but trust me, we are going to have fun, and you'll amaze yourself at the ideas that you come up with.

Step 1. A Chat

Sit yourself down in front of your computer, with your beverage of choice and we'll chat.  Find out more here.

During the chat we'll discuss what you're after and which of the two options might be best for you.  

Step 2. Decide which option is best for you

OPTION 1: Package of calls


Want to turn an idea into reality, start a new practice or habit, work towards your goals?  Re-Design is for you. It's

  • 5 x 1 hour one-to-one coaching calls 
  • each call wraps up with clear next steps/ challenges
  • recordings of the call and notes for your reference
  • regular email check-ins to see how you are getting on
  • £500

OPTION 2: One off call


Just want a one-off call? Want to create a detailed plan for the next month or get help with a particular issue.  Tweak is for you

  • 1 coaching call of 1.5 hours
  • Each call ends with clear next steps and deadlines
  • recordings of the call and notes for your reference
  • Email check in to see how you are getting on
  • £150



'Hedvig has deeply active listening skills, based on a genuine caring nature. She combines this with unique experience and an inner wisdom which is startling. Often she has listened to my garbled thoughts and reflected them back to me with structure and clarity, enabling me to convert them into a meaningful plan of action.Working with Hedvig always inspires me to be the best that I can be.' Jo
'Doing a project for yourself is what I find the most difficult, it always comes last. And if it's to showcase your own work even worse! It's so great to have you on one hand to bounce ideas and get feedback, but also your input challenges me and makes me see my own work in a very different light. Which is great! I'm more able to appreciate my strengths, what I've got to offer and enthuses me to move on with it. And of course, the accountability! Nothing like an external deadline :) ' Irene, 
'Talking to Hedvig has really helped me to rebuild my self-confidence after a series of disappointments. I feel both liberated and energised by this and am now moving forward with confidence to develop my new multi-faceted business in France.' Jo 
'I am really enjoying our sessions and finding huge benefit from the way you bring things back into focus and break them down into manageable chunks,' Abi.