I believe that we all have startling ideas and dreams inside of us.  Sometimes we don’t begin to unearth them because it is too scary to imagine failing.  And so they lay buried.  Safe. But unrealised.  

I also believe that design- you know, a deliberate and conscious process- is the most effective way to make the imagined real.  I believe that our most valuable resources is our time because how we use our time determines everything else.

I know this necessitates curious explorations and courageous experiments, and this can be really hard.  You can get confused and stuck, circumstance change and you make lots of mistakes along the way.  But I know that failing means we are trying, if we are trying, we are more likely to succeed. 

Whether you achieve a small personal victory or massive goal I think deserves celebrating- mistakes and all.  And let's be honest, celebrating is more meaningful, and fun, with someone who really knows the process you have gone through.  

Sure, you might have friends and family to turn to, but sometimes an outsider can provide a listening ear, be a sounding board and and offer a different perspective. 

Why do I believe all this?  Personal experience.  I've been there, and I'm still there. 

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So here's to trying, failing, succeeding and celebrating it all.  


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  • willing to share how you are getting on with designing your life 

Oh, this is me. I don't like most photos of me, but here I am.  This was from January 2015 with long, scruffy hair and happy.   I love the light in this photo.   Fact: this jumper is one of my winter staples.  It was knitted by my great aunt Beat (she made one for each member of the family!) and she was a real inspiration to me.

 *Really, my mother likes to tell the story of when I was two years old and she was decorating our house and I said to her 'I hep you Mummy'.