Do you have a dream that you want to make happen, but haven't?  I believe that we all do, but we don’t begin to unearth them because well... sometimes we don't know how, or we're waiting for the perfect moment, or we imagine all the ways that we might fail.  And so our ideas lay buried.  Safe. But unrealised.  Sound familiar? 

After much reflection, I believe that our most valuable resources is our time because how we use it determines everything else.  I also believe that a design- you know, a deliberate and conscious plan- is the most effective way to make the imagined real.  

Unfortunately, having a great plan isn't enough.  We need to do- and doing requires curiously exploring and courageously experimenting, which can be really hard.  We will get confused and stuck, circumstance change and we will make lots of mistakes along the way, and each time we need to dust ourselves off and try again.  And again.  And again.  But I know that failing means we are trying, if we are trying, we are more likely to succeed. 

I think this deserves celebrating.  Whether you are learning from your mistakes, starting over; achieving small personal victories or massive goals.  And let's be honest, celebrating is more meaningful, and fun, with someone who really knows what you have gone through.  

Along the way, we need help.  Hopefully, you have friends and family to turn to.  But sometimes an outsider can provide a dedicated ear, be a sounding board and and offer a different perspective. 

Why do I believe all this?  Personal experience.  I've been there, and I'm still there.

I love setting myself projects, experimenting with different processes and tools.  I find it really personally fulfilling, and then when I can can use my interests to help out others... amazing.  



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So here's to trying, failing, succeeding and celebrating it all.