I started mentoring in 2011, and really love the work, and find it incredibly rewarding to hear back from clients that found the sessions useful.  Over the years, I have reflected on my services, and currently offer the one-to-one call package because I believe it is most effective. 

One-to-one call package

After an initial call, we agree the frequency of the calls, and set the dates for the calls, and sign our agreement. 

Before the call

10 days before a call, I will email to remind you about the call.  You reply with whether you can still attend and your aims for the call. 

During the Call

Each call lasts one hour and is structured to meet your personal aims.  At the end, we will agree next steps, and intended dates to accomplish each step.  I recommend that you take your own notes during the call. 

If towards the end of the call, we both agree there is more to discuss, then this will be charged at the rate of £35 per hour, and will be invoiced separately.  

After the call

I will email you some brief notes of our call, and any additional resources.  

Midway between the calls, I will email you to check in with your progress.  

Between the third and the fourth call, I will send you an additional review form with the check in email.  Before the final call, you will indicate whether you want to buy another package or not, as this will influence the structure for call. 

The initial call

If you have read this far, I take it that you are interested.  This call is up to half an hour long.  The aim is for me to understand more about your and why you want to do the calls.  The aims is also for you to check me and my style out.  If I don't think I am a good fit, I will tell you and try and suggest other people and resources.  If you think we are a good fit, then you can buy the package below.