The story of a sunflower farmer

Imagine there’s a farmer who had the vision of a whole field of sunflowers.  Much like this:

Photo by Bonnie Kittle @bonniekdesign

Photo by Bonnie Kittle @bonniekdesign

She read lots of books about growing sunflowers.

Then she got to work: she prepared the field, carefully sowed all the seeds, and spent most days working in the field.

But six months later, where she expected to see a field of yellow all she saw was dead stalks.  Not one sunflower to show for all the work.  On top of that she feels like a failure and exhausted.

She spent some time trying to understand what went wrong, but she’d done all the things that she was meant to do… 

Some time later, she read another book and it said the best time to sow the seeds was at the time of year called spring.  But none of the books had said that.  And yet, it made so much sense. 

This is exactly how I felt when I learnt that menstruating women go through 4 phases of their menstrual cycle (which last roughly 1 month). During each phase, their hormone levels change and these changes in mean that they are better suited to different activities at different times of the month. All this made even more sense to me, when I realised these phases were similar to the four seasons.

It seems unimaginable that a farmer wouldn’t know about seasons, and yet most women I speak to do not know they have four inner seasons and what would be best for them to do during that season.  So, for the next month I’m going to take you through the four inner seasons.

Posted on September 4, 2019 .